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Hypertension - A life threatening condition

Few times before hypertension is diagnosed in people after 30 but now small age children are also getting affected from this. It has become a chronic condition now. Many things are responsible for this such as poor diet, unhealthy routine, lack of exercise etc. Complications of hypertension may vary. Complications of hypertension facts can be known in a better way with the help of complication of hypertension video. These kinds of videos are extremely helpful in providing information about the problem in a more grasping way.

• High blood pressure is a condition in which arterial blood pressure increases. In this condition the heart have to work harder to pump the blood.

• Normal blood pressure of a human being is 120/80. The first figure is called systolic blood pressure. It’s the pressure of blood in the arteries when heart contracts.

• Other one is diastolic blood pressure, which is the pressure of blood in the arteries when heart beats. A person who is suffering from blood pressure more than 140/90 mm/Hg is called suffering from hypertension. It is opposite to hypotension.

• Hypertension can be defined as either primary or secondary. About 90 to 95 % cases are identified as primary hypertension while only 5 to 10 % cases are caused by secondary hypertension. It affects heart, kidney, endocrine system, arteries etc.

• If any person suffers from continuous hypertension then the risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure and arterial aneurysm increases in him and these conditions can also cause kidney failure. It shortens the life expectancy also.

• The risk of health complications associated with this can be reduced by improving the quality of diet and healthy lifestyle can also help in this.

• Medication is extremely important for the affected patient, only lifestyle and dietary changes are not enough.

• If medications do not reduce the blood pressure level then it is known as resistant. Exercise is extremely important part if anybody is suffering from this condition. Hypertension is usually asymptomatic if it is mild to moderate.

• A patient may suffer from headache, drowsiness, confusion, vision disorders, nausea, vomiting etc. These symptoms are called hypertensive encephalopathy. It is caused by small blood vessel congestion and brain swelling. This condition cannot be reversed if blood pressure is lowered.

• No direct cause of this problem is found yet and many factors are considered behind this such as sedentary lifestyle, smoking, stress, visceral obesity, potassium deficiency, alcohol intake etc.

Complications of hypertension can be fatal and can cause some major problems. If anybody wants to understand the complications of hypertension facts then the information provided in complications of hypertension video can prove to be very beneficial as the information provided in them is very relevant and useful.


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